Ing Discerning Eye 2020

The Discerning Eye exhibition (19 Nov- 31 Dec 2020), usually in the Mall Galleries, was online only this year. A show of small works chosen by six prominent figures from different areas of the art world: two artists, two collectors and two critics.

The selectors make their choices independently, so there are effectively six separate exhibitions, and they do so from both the publicly submitted works – 6,000 this year – and works by personally invited artists. Consequently, unknown artists line up with famous names.

Judas is an ancient name given to a traitor or a demon. The Judas kiss is a symbol of an act of apparent love or affection but in reality is a betrayal.

These two hands, based upon the ‘clapping hands’ emoji, evoke the language of social media but also reference hands in prayer.

I chose Perspex as a transparent, contemporary material often used in signage and retail display, but recently to provide protective screening.