I am a Northern Irish artist now living in Kent. During a career in arts administration I worked with many artists in diverse contexts: touring theatre companies, university departments, EU projects and as a director in the Arts Council of England.

Since 2009, I have been developing my own artistic practice, exhibiting and creating site-responsive installations, completing an MA in Fine Art at UCA and in 2016 I won the Ashurst Emerging Sculptor Award with ‘Stains’.

I appropriate discarded, once-functional objects – a metal foldup bed, a milk crate, a communion platter, glass pantiles – which have lost their original use or authority but still maintain a patina or marks of use. I sometimes incorporate other materials that are held to have more value or impact: stained glass, vintage photographs, neon. The contrast contains the tension and ambiguities that interest me.

My background in theatre influences my work and approach. The objects I choose are often like props but with memory embedded: discarded beds with echoes of fantasies or nightmares, a wine-stained communion tray lit up by a neon ‘sacred’ heart, a high-vis jacket hung on an altar angel.

These ‘replacements’ are a way of thinking, of renegotiating the world and my place in it, and of bearing witness to my time and place.