I am a Northern Irish artist now living in Kent.

My work is rooted in cultural identity, place and ‘territory’. I am interested the stories we are told about our history and those we tell ourselves about our histories.

Responding to a location, I see land-marks as sites of both history and re-imagination. . I use reclaimed materials that retain the traces and scars of time.  Re-placed everyday objects are given a new energy charge with light, text, ephemera, political and cultural context.

I use found objects and recycled materials, sometimes alongside those held to have more value, such as stained glass, or in multiples. Installations are a playful or poetic exploration of a given place or an interrogation of it.

The physical act of making is for me a renegotiation, a way of thinking, of reading the world and being more fully in it, and of bearing witness to a time and place.